March PTSA Meeting


This PTSA meeting is hybrid. You can either come to the NBMS Media Center at 7:00pm or log into to Zoom using the link at the bottom.


Agenda of PTSA Meeting (March 12th, 2024)


·        News from the Principal

Dr. AnneMarie Smith

·        SMART Presentation:  Secure Gun Storage Saves Kids Lives

Guest Speakers

·        President: Overview and Progress

Eva de Francisco

·        Secretary: Meeting Min Approval and VP of Comm Vacancy

Regan Kelly

·        VP Social Activities: Planned Events

Holly Balshem

·        VP Student Enrichment: Program Updates

Ray Azarm

·        VP Membership:  Latest Status

Paula Urban

·        Treasurer: Budget Summary

Cassie Moore



Meeting ID: 834 8036 9881

Passcode: 289810


NBMS Media Center or Zoom
Tuesday, March 12, 2024